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Help us build a safer Highwood

            The Highwood Bike-n-Walk trail was completed in the summer of 2016.  Nearly ten years earlier a small group of local citizens began to plan for a safe pedestrian route away from the highway, and many people have had a part in the project.  There were generous donations of supplies, materials, equipment, engineering, volunteer labor and finances as well as several large grants to enable building the walking bridge and a difficult section of trail, and for covering other expenses.
            Beginning at the west end of town at Willow Lane, the path crosses Highwood Creek on the Wendel Mee Memorial Bridge and eventually follows the school athletic field to the school sidewalk.  Directly across the parking lot from the main entrance of the school the Bike-n-Walk trail continues east in the alley way ending at Elmo’s parking lot.   There is a picnic table and a park bench near the bridge, plus another park bench, the community park and playground with rest rooms along the route.
            Thank you to all who have had any part in building and maintaining the trail.  As a community, we hope the trail will not only add to the safety of pedestrians and bicyclists, but will offer recreational and aesthetic opportunities to residents and visitors. 



trail and picnic area
trail by field