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Dear parents and community members,

In June I talked about the fact that for the first time in a long time, we have no new teachers on staff.
It’s wonderful beginning a school year with veterans (so to speak).

However, there are some changes to the program: Mrs. Grossman requested and was granted a reduction in her contracted days. Because of that and because our incoming kindergarten class is so small we adjusted the elementary program. Miss Salanky will teach a combination kindergarten/first grade, Mrs. Hagel will once again teach second and third and Mrs. Baum will teach 4th and 5th. Mrs. Grossman and Mrs. Gondeiro will work with Katie and Shannon’s classes in reading and math so those classes will be separated for the two core subjects.

Our pre-k has grown to at least seven children, so Michal Gondeiro will be teaching pre-k, all day Tuesdays and Thursdays. We have several kindergarten-aged students in that class, so state funding kicks in to help support the program.

Mrs. Suberg will continue her work as guidance counselor as well as teaching 6th grade math in addition to her principal duties.

Other staffing continues to be the same as last year. We are also continuing to offer agriculture programs, dual credit with MSU and credit recovery classes at the high school via distance learning with the internet and the ITV studio, again, these classes are taught by appropriately endorsed, highly qualified teachers.

The staff will be working to implement the Common Core standards as well as continuing to provide instruction that is of the highest standard. We will not be having a monthly late start, but will have a full-day staff development around the Easter Break, just as we did last year. Students will have an extra day off, staff will not.

It’s pretty special to be beginning the new year as Highwood K-12 District #4. The support of the community and work of Arlene Hartman and the Highwood Trustees, made this totally possible. I know I’ve mentioned it before, but I felt it needed to be said again. You have no idea how many elementary and high school district administrators and community members would love to be in our position, but the task to do so is daunting, takes a great deal of planning and patience not to mention overwhelming community support. Highwood had all the right pieces of the puzzle as well as the desire to have a long-term legacy.

I look forward to my 43rd year. I had a terrific summer; the building is getting into shape thanks to the summer crew: Dave Davison, Holly Willis, Kayla Christianson, Dallas Lepore, and Brandon Gondeiro. We have a terrific schedule in place, thanks to Jane Suberg, and students are slowly but surely coming in to get their classes in order.

Finally, and not the least, Dick and Dorothy Schott are back in town and we are so pleased, but I do want to thank Rich Hartman, for coming on board, driving Dick’s morning route bus and keeping the buses in good repair.

Please have a great August and a successful harvest.





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